Image shows an overlook of Paris at sunset.

Where to Stay in Paris on a Budget: Your Ultimate Guide (2023)

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Wondering where to stay in Paris on a budget? Here’s your ultimate guide!

Paris can be an expensive city to visit, especially during the peak season in the summer. However, if you’re willing to make your way around the city, tolerate a small and basic room, or both, there are some great places to stay that won’t break the bank. 

Unlike London, the Metro tickets in Paris are reasonably priced, and it’s possible to walk to many central landmarks. There are also cheap meals to be found in Paris, especially if you’re willing to eat at grocery stores or travel away from the main tourist sites. 

Always be aware that hotels in Paris tend to have very small rooms, especially if you’re traveling on a budget. Air conditioning is not available in every hotel, so always double check if you’ll be visiting in the summer. 

Table of Contents
Where to Stay in Paris on a Budget
Best Areas of Paris for Travelers on a Budget
Getting Around Paris
Things To Do in Paris
FAQS: Where to Stay in Paris on a Budget
Conclusion: Where to Stay in Paris on a Budget

Photo shows the Tuilerie Garden just next to the Louvre Museum. In the background you can see the iconic ferris wheel. It is possible to visit Paris on a budget.
Paris, France is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Where to Stay in Paris on a Budget

Here’s your guide to where to stay in Paris on a budget, including the best areas, hotels, and hostels. The hotels were selected based on their location, reviews, and amenities. 

There are some hotels located outside of areas that I mentioned as being specifically budget-friendly, usually because they were very close to a metro line. 

10 Top Hotels + Hostels in Paris for Travelers on a Budget 

Here’s my list of the top hotels and hostels for travelers visiting Paris on a budget. 

1. Hotel Joyce – Astotel

The Hotel Joyce – Astotel is a fabulously located boutique hotel in Paris near the Opera Garnier and only a 20 minute walk from Montmartre. Although it’s not the cheapest stay on this list, it’s a great value and has a number of premium amenities without a luxury price tag. 

Rooms at Hotel Joyce are clean and comfortable, with air conditioning and soundproofing for a pleasant stay. Organic toiletries are provided and complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and snacks are available in the lobby. 

A room with a lamp and small desk at Hotel Joyce in Paris
A room at Hotel Joyce. Photo credit: Hotel Joyce*** – Astotel by J.-B. Clevenot, Paris.

Breakfast is available in the hotel for an additional fee. In reviews, many guests raved about the breakfast options. Selections include scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, cold cuts, breads, cheeses, and fruit. 

The beautiful breakfast room at Hotel Joyce, one of the best places to stay in Paris on a budget
Breakfast room at Hotel Joyce. Photo credit: Hotel Joyce*** – Astotel by J.-B. Clevenot, Paris.

Book your stay at Hotel Joyce – Astotel

2. Hotel Clément

Hotel Clément in the Latin Quarter is set in a spot in a beautiful part of Paris, perfect for first time visitors. You can easily walk to the Luxembourg Gardens, the Sainte-Chapelle chapel, and Notre Dame. This hotel is very close to the Odéon Metro stop, so the rest of Paris is just a train ride away. 

Despite being small, the rooms at Hotel Clément have lots of personality, are very clean, and come outfitted with everything you need. The staff are friendly and helpful, and the reception is open 24 hours per day to accommodate late check-ins. 

This hotel also has air conditioning – a serious perk if you’re visiting Paris in the summer. 

Book your stay at Hotel Clément

3. Hostel: The People – Paris Marais

The People – Paris Marais is a fabulous choice for travelers on a budget in Paris. This hostel features mixed dorms, private rooms, and even a family room with a balcony to accommodate different types of groups. 

The People’s Marais location could hardly be better – you’ll be near the Metro and just a short walk from Notre Dame. 

Budget travelers will also love that Le Marais has some of the best and cheapest food in the city. My favorite spot, L’As du Fallafel, is only a 15 minute walk from the hostel. 

Two men sit on beds while a woman hangs her clothes in The People - Marais hostel.
Inside the People – Marais hostel. Photo courtesy of the Pascale Venot Press Office.

Book your stay at The People – Paris Marais

4. Hôtel AMI – Orso Hotels

Hôtel AMI is a great choice for budget travelers in Paris because of its modern rooms and great location. It’s a 20 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, and its Metro access means that the rest of Paris is just a short train ride away. 

Note that the rooms are very small, so this would not be a great hotel to use as a base for working remotely. Despite the tight quarters, the rooms are clean, well appointed, and have everything you’ll need for your stay. 

Breakfast is available for an extra fee. Guests loved the hotel’s breakfast, which included homemade jams, croissants, and a selection of meats and cheeses. If you prefer a light breakfast, you could save money by grabbing a croissant nearby at a boulangerie (bakery). 

Book your stay at Hôtel AMI – Orso Hotels

5. Ibis Styles Paris Place d’Italie – Butte Aux Cailles

If you’re comfortable taking the Metro, Ibis Styles Paris Place d’Italie – Butte Aux Cailles is a great choice for your stay in Paris. This hotel is a 5 minute walk from Corvisart Metro Station, so you can easily access the rest of the city. 

Ibis Styles has several hotels in Paris, but the Place d’Italie location is more modern and a better value than some of their other locations. 

As of this writing, breakfast is included in your stay. Most guests enjoyed the breakfast and felt that there were enough options, including some fresh fruit. Croissants, coffee, and hot water are available throughout the day. 

A room at the Ibis Styles Paris Place d'Italie - Butte Aux Cailles with a small table and clothing storage.
A room at the Ibis Styles Paris Place d’Italie – Butte Aux Cailles. Photo provided by Hill+Knowlton Strategies.

Book your stay at Ibis Styles Paris Place d’Italie – Butte Aux Cailles

6. Hotel Restaurant Au Boeuf Couronné

The Hotel Restaurant Au Boeuf Couronné is a pet-friendly hotel that’s located right next to the Porte de Pantin Metro Station. The location is great for anyone who doesn’t mind a ride on the metro into the city. 

This hotel is trendy and modern, with thoughtful finishings in each room. The rooms are on the small side, but they are a bit bigger than many others you’ll find in Paris. The property is air conditioned. 

Guests loved the friendly staff at Hotel Restaurant Au Boeuf Couronné. 

Breakfast is adequate and available for an extra charge. The hotel describes the breakfast as “American style” and guests report a mix of sweet and savory options. Note that the proximity to the metro means that some rooms can be noisy, despite the location outside of the city center.  

Room at Hotel Restaurant Au Boeuf Couronné

Book your stay at Hotel Restaurant Au Boeuf Couronné

7. Hotel Rivoli 

Hotel Rivoli is located in central Paris along Rue de Rivoli, not far from Notre Dame. The location is perfect for exploring Paris, especially areas near the Latin Quarter and Le Marais.

The rooms at Hotel Rivoli are basic and small, and there aren’t many amenities or extras. During the summer months, note that there’s no air conditioning – and Paris can get quite warm. You’ll also need to carry your bags up the stairs, as there’s no lift/elevator. 

Hotel Rivoli is the perfect choice for travelers who want to toss their luggage in their room and explore all day. When you’re ready to go to bed, just wander back to your room and enjoy having a clean place to stay in central Paris. 

Book your stay at Hotel Rivoli

8. Esteem Tour Eiffel

The Esteem Tour Eiffel opened in 2023 and is located only a 10 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower and a 5 minute walk from the Charles Michels Metro Station. It’s not as budget-friendly as other stays on this list, but it’s still a great value for its location and amenities. 

The rooms are stylish and modern, with all of the little touches you’ll need to have a great stay like a personal coffee maker with espresso pods. As a bonus, each room comes with a desk, in case you need to get a little work done while you’re on your trip. 

Breakfast is included in some stays, otherwise it’s available for an extra fee. Breakfast options include fresh croissants, juice, fruit, and yogurt. 

Book your stay at Esteem Tour Eiffel

9. Hôtel Villa Bohème

Hôtel Villa Bohème is another hotel in a wonderful location, only a 15 minute walk from the Montmartre area. This colorful hotel has modern decor and is in a secure courtyard for an extra feeling of safety. 

The rooms at Hôtel Villa Bohème are small, but they have air conditioning. There is a very small elevator on the property that’s available for guests to use. 

Breakfast is available for an extra charge, and the fee is high compared to the other hotels on this list. However, most guests were pleased with the options, which included fruit, breads, croissants, jams, yogurt, and coffee. 

Book your stay at Hôtel Villa Bohème

10. Okko Hotels Paris Porte de Versailles

The Okko Hotels Paris Porte de Versailles is located a short walk from a Metro stop outside of the center of Paris. Be prepared to take the Metro to get to the most popular landmarks in Paris – you’ll be a 45 minute walk or a 25 minute public transit journey from the Eiffel Tower. 

In lieu of a central location, you’ll have additional amenities at a lower price than many other hotels in Paris. This is the sort of hotel where you’ll need to stay out for the day once you leave, as there’s no easy way to get back for a nap or to change your clothes. 

The rooms at the Paris Porte de Versailles feature Nespresso machines, iPod docks, and some rooms feature balconies that overlook the city. Guests can enjoy a shared lounge area with a library and the option to order local beers and wine. There’s a sauna onsite as well as a fitness center. 

Book your stay at Okko Hotels Paris Porte De Versailles

Best Areas of Paris for Travelers on a Budget

The most central area of Paris is the section of the River Seine that runs from the Eiffel Tower to Notre Dame. There’s no one area in Paris where you can quickly walk and see all of the major landmarks, so any visit to Paris involves some moving around. 

The Metro system is relatively easy to use and affordable. For most travelers, it’s the best way to get around Paris when you’re not on foot. I also love to rent Velib bikes and cycle around Paris – it’s a great way to see more of the city and get a little exercise. 

See below for a roundup of some of the best areas in Paris for a local experience and, hopefully, find a deal. However, if you can’t find a hotel in any of these areas, be sure that you’re close enough to the Metro lines to be able to use them. 

Montmartre – 18th Arrondissement

Montmartre is a great place to stay because it’s very charming – with cobblestone streets and an incredible view from the Sacré Coeur – with a distinctly local feeling. If you can find a great deal in Montmartre, it’s an ideal place to stay.

There are also some great hotels and rentals within walking distance of Montmartre. If you stay close to Montmartre, you can enjoy some of the benefits of staying in this charming neighborhood, but at a more affordable price. 

A sunset view of Paris from the Montmartre neighborhood
The view from the Sacré Coeur at sunset.

Le Marais – 3rd and 4th Arrondissement 

Although stays can be a bit pricier in Le Marais, this is the perfect spot if you can find a deal. Le Marais has great restaurants at lower prices than other areas of the city, plus it has a fun, local feeling. 

Le Marais is the traditionally Jewish area of Paris, a history that dates back to the Middle Ages. 

The Latin Quarter – 5th Arrondissement

The Latin Quarter is the oldest neighborhood in Paris. Parts of it were built during the first century BC, when the city was under Roman rule. 

Today, the Latin Quarter is home to many of the city’s students. It has a generally relaxed atmosphere, with cheaper restaurants and bars than you’ll find in other central areas of Paris. 

Canal Saint-Martin – 10th Arrondissement

Another great neighborhood for a local experience is Canal Saint-Martin. This is one of the coolest areas in the city, with plenty of fun breweries, bars, and restaurants to choose from. One of my favorite cafes in Paris is located near Canal Saint-Martin, it’s called Ten Belles and has a cute upstairs seating area. 

Belleville – 20th Arrondissement

Belleville is a great area to stay in Paris for a more local feeling. The area is trendy, with a series of contemporary art galleries and abundant street art. 

One of the main attractions is Belleville Park, a hilly city greenspace. If you’re up for a climb, you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance, though the view is somewhat obstructed. 

What is an “arrondissement”?

In Paris, you may see areas listed alongside their “arrondissements.” Put simply, it’s the numbering system for the various administrative areas in Paris. The very central landmarks in Paris are located in the first arrondissement, and the furthest areas of the city are in the arrondissements with higher numbers. 

There’s no need to learn the arrondissement system in order to visit Paris. Just remember: the lower the arrondissement, the more central it is to the main Parisian landmarks. 

Getting Around Paris

Be ready to use the Metro, walk, and/or cycle when in Paris, especially if you choose a budget hotel. Ubers and taxis are also available. The city is home to 2.2 million people, so there are a variety of sites and neighborhoods that you may want to see during your trip. 

When I visit Paris, I usually use a mix of transportation methods. I’ll walk whenever I can because I enjoy strolling through the city, but sometimes I’ll still need to use the Metro. On other days, I’ll rent a Velib bike and cycle through the city all day. 

Just don’t rent a car for your visit to Paris. It is very challenging to drive in the city and parking will be slim, if available at all. You’d be better off taking Ubers and taxis. 

Photo shows me and some friends cycling in Paris in front of the Louvre museum. Cycling on a Velib is one of the most relaxing things to do in Paris.
You can cycle around Paris by renting Velib bikes.

Things To Do in Paris

Once you figure out where to stay in Paris, you’ll want to start mapping out your itinerary. Whether you’re in Paris for a weekend or a full week, there are so many wonderful things to do in the City of Light. 

Here are some of my favorite things to do when I’m in Paris. 

✅ See the Famous Landmarks

Paris is arguably most famous for its landmarks, and they’re worth seeing when you’re in the city. I’ve been to the Eiffel Tower many times, but I still go at least once or twice while I’m in Paris. 

Additionally, I always walk by the Louvre Museum, the d’Orsay Museum, and Place de la Concorde. 

✅ Go for a Stroll 

One of my absolute favorite things to do in Paris is to grab a coffee and simply wander the city streets. I’ll spend a while marveling at the architecture, stepping into churches and free museums that catch my eye, and window shopping to my heart’s content. 

I particularly enjoy walking in the neighborhood near the Pantheon or along Rue Cler. However, most neighborhoods in Paris are very walkable so it’s worth wandering around to find your favorite spots. 

A family crosses the street on a sunny day in Paris.
A view of the city streets in Paris.

✅ Visit a Museum 

Paris is known for its incredible art museums, like the Louvre Museum or the d’Orsay Museum. There are also smaller, but still well-known museums like Rodin Museum and Sculpture Garden or the Orangerie Museum. 

The museums in Paris house some of the most famous paintings in the world, so they’re well worth a visit while you’re in the city. Most Parisian museums charge an entrance fee, but there are some free options like the Petit Palais. 

Tourists pose for photos in front of the Louvre Museum's famous glass pyramid in Paris
The Louvre Museum.

✅ Relax in a Parisian Park

Spending a few hours strolling through a Parisian park is one of the most relaxing things to do in Paris. My favorite parks in Paris are the Tuileries Garden, Luxembourg Garden, and Park Monceau. 

You could grab a baguette, some cheese, and some wine or bottled water and have a little picnic for a cheap and fun activity in Paris. 

✅ Sample French cuisine

The food in Paris is sometimes accused of being overrated; I respectfully disagree! One of my favorite restaurants in Paris is Le Florimond, a little bistro in the 7th arrondissement that’s not terribly far from the Eiffel Tower. It serves vegetable-forward, seasonal dishes that are always tasty and locally sourced. 

For crepes, I always make a point of visiting Breizh Cafe. They serve both savory galettes and sweet crepes – I usually order one of each when I go.

An endive and leek salad starter from a bistro in Paris
A vegetable starter at Le Florimond in Paris.

FAQS: Where to Stay in Paris on a Budget

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about where to stay in Paris on a budget. 

Where is the best budget area to stay in Paris?

There’s no single best area to stay in Paris on a budget. If you can find an affordable spot, Le Marais, the Latin Quarter, Belleville, and Canal Saint-Martin are all great places to stay. My best budget tip for Paris, however, is to visit during the off or shoulder season, when hotels are cheaper. 

Where should I stay in Paris to walk everywhere?

If you don’t mind a long walk, you can reach most of the main landmarks of Paris by staying in Invalides, the Latin Quarter, Le Marais, or Odéon. No matter where you stay in Paris, you may still need to occasionally take the Metro, a taxi, or cycle because the city is rather large. 

As a bonus, you’ll be close to a number of shops and grocery stores, in case you need to buy toiletries in Paris

Is Paris a walkable city?

Yes, Paris is a walkable city. There are large sidewalks, plenty of public parks, and a fabulous walking path along the Seine, so it’s very pleasant to walk everywhere in Paris. Wear comfortable shoes because you’re going to be getting your steps in!

Which arrondissement is best for your first time in Paris?

For your first time in Paris and you can afford it, stay in either the 18th (Montmartre) or the 3rd/4th (Le Marais). Both of these areas have great restaurants, beautiful places to visit, and are relatively budget-friendly. 

Invalides is also a great spot for first time visitors because it’s very safe and central enough. The downside of Invalides is that the restaurants are on the pricey side, so you may need to travel further to find great, cheap meals. 

One of the entrances to Invalides in Paris
Dôme des Invalides in the Invalides neighborhood of Paris.

Conclusion: Where to Stay in Paris on a Budget

Generally speaking, Paris is not a cheap city to visit. You’ll probably spend much more on your accommodations over the course of a budget trip to Paris than you would in, say, Naples

Most budget accommodations in Paris will either be small, basic, and centrally located, or they’ll be a good distance from the main landmarks along the Seine. I’d personally choose a very basic spot that is clean and as central as possible because I love to walk nearly everywhere in Paris and minimize my time on the Metro. 

When you’re visiting Paris on a budget, one of the best things you can do is plan your trip for the shoulder season. If you visit during April, May, September, or October, you’ll typically see lower prices across the board. You also won’t have to contend with the massive crowds that flock to Paris each summer.