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Here are some of my favorite tools and travel resources.


I use to book most of my hotels, rentals, and hostels. If I can’t find a great spot on, I’ll also check and Airbnb.

Where to Stay

I have a made a few guides to choosing a hotel or rental in various places I’ve lived or traveled. You can read my guides to staying in Wicklow and staying in Boulder, as well as another about choosing a hotel near the Stock Show in Denver.


When I’m booking flights, I almost exclusively use Google Flights. It pulls together flights and itineraries from multiple airports and airlines, often finding a decent option. If I’m traveling in the US, I make sure to also check Southwest Airlines, because their search results aren’t included in Google Flights.

Car Rentals

I use Discover Cars for my car rentals.

Currency Transfers

I use Wise to transfer currencies and make direct deposit transfers with other bank accounts.

Places to see

If you’re already on the road and looking for a unique way to see an area, check out Accidental Wes Anderson. This site shows photos from around the world that are reminiscent of the trademark whimsy of my favorite film director, Wes Anderson.